End of Greatness (EP)

by Flesh Rodeo



released October 16, 2015

Music by Flesh Rodeo
Lyrics & artwork by Radu Ursoiu

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Marius Costache
at Studio 148, Bucharest, september - october 2014

Produced by Marius Costache and Flesh Rodeo
© 2015 Copyright owned by Flesh Rodeo

Track 2 © 2015 Copyright owned by Modern Ghosts Of The Road and Flesh Rodeo

Track 3 © 2015 Copyright owned by Vlad Enescu and Flesh Rodeo

Track 4 © 2015 Copyright owned by Decomposing Black and Flesh Rodeo

Track 5 © 2015 Copyright owned by Ștefan Panea and Flesh Rodeo

Track 6 © 2015 Copyright owned by Radu Ursoiu and Flesh Rodeo



all rights reserved


Flesh Rodeo Romania

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Track Name: End Of Greatness
..our eyes
wide open
at the edge of the world

This is the one I roll,
the one I burn before
my future’s collector

This is the one I take
from cradle to the grave,
my nature’s intruder

The vanishing point of me
the edge of entity
the sum of anomies
when we will disappear
(through atoms of our tears)

So far away from home
at point of no return
how close’s infinity ? how empty?

This is the one I hold
into my ravished soul
the puncture of meaning of it all

This is the one I feel
the Earth is standing still,
the nature of being a mortal

a crooked angled pyramid rising up one billion feet
open ceiling through the sky, I am you and you are I
blinded by the sun
and the world melds herself in the horizon

Tread calm
come to the end I mean no harm

We float in randomness
towards the end of greatness
where stars and space collide
our souls are trapped inside
a piece of broken ashlar,
a drop of desert’s water.
How far am I to be
the vanishing point of me

The deep, the wide connection
to all reincarnations
fathom the eye of the mind
collective as a singular kind
of one shot

What do you wait for? You ate yourself to death
what do you come for? Anger and regret
what do you hope for? More than just one life
what do you wait for? You can’t turn back the time
you’re an island of pain

And we’re born and we’re called and we rise and we walk,
and we seek and we aim and we reach and we fail,
and we try to arise, to move, to strive, to see
to live, to die one more time

It’s who we are that truly defines our name
we might seem different but we are the same
it’s just a ride from zero right to the end
we are the particles when life transcends

The vanishing point of me
how far am I to be
the vanishing point of me