Things Will Never Get Better

by Flesh Rodeo

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released March 21, 2017

Flesh Rodeo are

Alex Zamfir: guitars
Andrei Bratu: guitars, backing vocals
Bogdan Horodnic: drums
Radu Ursoiu: vocals, soundscapes
Adrian Iosif: bass

Marius Costache: soundscapes
Maria Ana: backing vocals

Music by Flesh Rodeo
Lyrics and artwork by Radu Ursoiu
Scream words by Andrei Bratu

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 148 by Marius Costache

Produced by Marius Costache with Flesh Rodeo

© 2017 Copyright owned by Flesh Rodeo



all rights reserved


Flesh Rodeo Romania

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Track Name: Sarcophagus
Pigs on the oil rigs
Cunts in debauchery pants
Filth on our petrified grid cities we built
not to hurt, on a huge pile of dirt

We are the shadow siamesed fashion devotchkas
We are the starlight people of loneliness towers
This is our land
where we eat and we drink and we shit and we stand

just like

We have bulletproof glass
on our sarcophagus,
scheming in confined hell
with amphetamines cocktail
We will get what you deserve
robbing all the banks’ reserve
Keep you, poor men, down
keep you hanging on the ground

Pigs promoting war
Cunts Kalashnikov

Flowers Porn Murder

We’re politicians,
our truth values
more dollars
than the commons'
We are pharaohs
inside mountains
of gold and diamonds

We exist so you worship us
We offend so you worship us
We despise so you worship us
We pretend so you worship us

We exist so you worship us
We command so you worship us
We control so you worship us
so you worship us, so you worship us

We exist so you worship us

We’re just like
Pigs on the wings
Cunts playing rants
Freaks economics
Pigs, do the devil’s tricks
we’re just like pigs

we’re just like pigs
Track Name: Glory of Fear
I’m a shadow of a man I found
in the mirror pieces on the ground.
All I’m not, all that I could have been
barks invisible in dull reality

I won’t be there when my dreams will fall apart
I won’t be there when I’ll hit this empty heart
Like a ghost, I have no presence,
nobody cares, nobody listens to me

I am a whore
and I lurk for
one life, wasted
fueled with hatred

I am worn out like a drifter of old kind
I am wiped out, I leave no a trace behind.
When I’ll fall, I won’t get up at all,
I won’t be clutching the last straw

I am a whore
Fucked by it all

I cut my tongue
I hear no sound
My eyes go blind
My heart runs dry

My body’s old
My soul’s cold
I always fear
to disappear
Track Name: Idle Sentient Beings
One man’s coffin is one man’s treasure
one man’s sorrow is another man’s pleasure
one man’s killing in the name of righteous faith
one man’s dying for a freedom state

and then, one day, we fail again

We fail

Close your eyes so I can see quite clear
our lives reduced to mortal furniture
We’re stuck in middle ground of self-concealing
perhaps we’re only idle sentient beings

and then, one day, we fail again

We fail
to interfere
to own our fear
to elevate
to be the ones to lead our way

Close your eyes, I can see
army-built democracy
Bow your head, they’ll pretend
all them wars will never end

Close your eyes, I can see
rabbit-hole security
Shut your mouth, we can start
something that will fall apart

Close your eyes
Shut your mouth
Bow your head

just another sheep on the assembly line
in the slaughterhouse, motionless, eyes fixed on the bright
display, add to the cart, hashtag, kill your senses,
know nothing of your wasted pathetic little life

We fail
Fuck the wars we never end
Track Name: The Cold Recesses
The statues of no symmetry
collapse in autocracy
we ate our gods

Iconic supermarket shelves
turn consumers into slaves
we ate our gods

Decriminalized genocides
play ok compromise
we ate our gods

No satellites no aim no psalm
No safety suicide bomb
we ate our gods

..and suddenly
the world is free
from you and me
from everything lame
everything the same
everything raw
all to go, all to go

K-ching the dirty money flows
to build-up gulag walls
we ate our gods

The economy of death drones
click buy item to succumb
we ate our gods

The Salo way of treachery
oils this machinery
we ate our gods

No Armalites no law no spree
Refugee/ enemy
we ate our gods
We ate our gods

..and suddenly
the world is free
from you and me
(from) everything low
everything slow
everything tame
all to blame

Cold nights, bright lights in a shit hole
Cold signs, sand lines on a burning soul

Breathe slowly for a while the thicker air
Load the rage in time to choose a side
Alchemy of empathy plays an error
Algorithm of casualties prolongs the war
Clean cuts, clean cuts, clean cuts, like surgery
Clean cuts, clean cuts, clean cuts

where are the prophets, where are the martyrs?
the salt sea drank me and other refugees

They say that you wanna kill laugher with prayers
they say that you wanna burn flags
they say that you wanna steal occupied deserts
they say that you wanna freedom with force

They say that you wanna keep calm under the dome
say that you wanna reclaim past glory
they say that you wanna weaponize poor nations
say that you wanna rewrite history

They say you wanna end all wars, but truth is you cannot stop
They say you wanna rebuild life here, but all you do is deconstruct
All your weapons, all your ammo, when gone, you buy more
Cold blood, spilled blood, justified
Cold shore of distant world moonshined
Clean cuts, clean cuts, clean cuts, like surgery
Clean cuts, clean cuts, clean cuts

You don’t know the pain
of being bombed
Track Name: Hatred, Anger and Hostility
I don’t care for absolution
or intelligent design,
same old curfews’ retribution
come round stalking at my mind

gather your thoughts, fill with them holes
gather your clothes, fill with them your naked bones

the spit, the swallow

the slit, the sorrow
the end tomorrow
the grim mascara
all apocryphal

Soon we are raised to suddenly praise
same narrow books give you the spooks
upon the fragile, the deaf and the blind
the angels lurk, demons lurk, gods lurk
from above

the hate, the anger
the true believer
all apocryphal
all apocryphal

the slit, the sorrow
we die tomorrow
not know how it is
not know how it feels

and you lie to yourself
Track Name: Silence
Welcome to the waste,
to the water-less hole
there’s an empty grave
for all leftover flesh rodeos

The silence will lead us to reason
Track Name: Mestaclocan
Wakey, wakey rise and shine
been asleep for a long, long time
have a new and smiley face
for you to buy and to embrace

I robbed you in capitalism
Starved you in cold communism
Strangled you with a Klan tie
Once again swallow my lies

Print me on your mighty dollars
share me on your social collars
crown me your democracy
follow me blind, follow me blind, follow me

but it’s all gone, it’s all gone away
like a senseless drone, it’s all gone, gone away
you’ve been blinded, it’s all gone away

Bitches, bitches come my way
for miracles I perform today
I’ll sell your Mecca, your Babel tower
your Jesus, your Buddha, your desert flower

You forgot you revolutionized
forgot you made me run and hide
you forgot you’ve been collectivized
now once again swallow my lies

So, print me on your lousy t-shirts
feed me on your fears to get hurt
crown me meritocracy
Follow me blind, follow me blind, follow me

but it’s all gone, it’s all gone away
like a desert storm, it’s all gone away
never going home, it’s all gone away
you’ve been blinded, it’s all gone away
Track Name: Night Terror
There’s a thing I vomit through my mouth
with metal claws designed to rip me out
dark as a coal, calm as to hypnotize
it slowly grows into my head tonight

These are the walls that soon collide
these are the fears that stay untied
if I’m awake and cannot scream
is it a dream within a dream?

(Unleash the rage)
We only survive in the real world,
salvation dismantles the sky above

There’s a beast I swallowed in my lungs
saliva oil with blood to bring me down
These are the times I hate me being alive
but I’m too scared of being dead and dry

(Unleash the rage)
We only survive in the real world,
the answer to our prayers will end the endless pain

It’s how I am, how I feel
how I run inside the wheel
it’s how I start, how I end
how I keep my eyes open
so bring the pain, the noise, the poke
bring the guns, the knives, the rope

collision and falling down
illusion of a steady ground
Track Name: A Fading Memory from Neoplasm
For those I loved but could not hold
for those I wronged on staying home like a
leaf, like a hum, like a feather in the air
left behind for a while,
for one day we’ll meet again

we’ll meet again
Track Name: Jackals
This is where jackals roam
new predator, scavengers of our soul
this is where hunger leads
on empty streets with empty hearses passing by

all the time I’ve been lied by
paper clerks who want us to abide
this is the land of fraud
its rabid eyes exorcise the killing spree

Behold! the jackals approach
Marching silently
Locked on my mortal remains
Tear me patiently

the silence will lead us to reason

Just when we walk to the edge of the world
We are what we are
With no sheep clothes all naked to the bones
We take what we crave
In locusts’ hordes, the blacken skies we float
We are what we are what we are what we are

This is our stealth design
our stomach mind to snatch your shadow
Each thirty night we feed
on tears and fears, on your frozen sleep
We ditch your leftovers
in some dead end joint, burnt down
So welcome home, you fucker
don’t look, don’t speak, let us collect your dreams

Behold! the jackals approach
We strike as animal drones
Feed us your carnal disgrace
Feed us your emptiness

(My eyes see but I'm numb trash
Their jaws are knives to my flesh)

The silence will lead us to reason

Turn to ash, turn to dust
to something that won't last
Turn around

Turn to weed, turn to snow
to something that won't grow
Turn around

Turn to earth, turn to sky
Turn to something that will die
Turn around

We are what we are
we take what we came for

We are what we are
we take what we came for
We are what we are
We slay what we aim for

We are what we are
we lynch what we crave for
We are what we are
we kill what we love

we kill what we love

we’re just like pigs